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No.45, 7th Zhennan Rd, Tongan District, Xiamen, China 

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——Xiamen XINBEX Trade Co。,Ltd was found in 1998, and set up the brand XINBEX

——The factory area extend to 3000m² after moved to Yuehua Road in year 2007

——Set up Tianjin XINBEX factory in 2008

——Set up Suzhou XINBEX factory in 2010

——Start to use ERP manage system to track each step at the whole business

——In 2014, bought the production base in Tongan and set up Xiamen Hee industrial belt co.,ltd. The area extend to 20000m²with 3000m² production room, and bring in the machine for producing line with width 2m and 3m

——Public listing at Haixia Equity Exchange on Oct, 2015. The code is: 681775

——In 2016, set up sales office in  Philippines.

XINBEX always strive for making progress for 18 years, survive on quality, progress on innovation, develop on reputation, struggle for eternity

XINBEX Profile

XINBEX founded in 1998. a professional belt company with capacity of research and develop, manufacture and service. Owned brand XINBEX, and brings in advanced technical and equipment.  

XINBEX cooperation with many international brand to enrich the product categories, then to offer the best solution for client.

XINBEX supply the excellent product along with ongoing innovation and service. Such as:

Lower the cost, efficiency promoting, energy saving and in coordinating with customer to use    the best project。

XINBEX have over 150 employees, annual output value above RMB80 million。 The area over 25000m², own 3 manufacturer separate in xiamen, tianjin and suzhou, and 6 office separate in guangzhou, fuzhou, wenzhou, zibo,wuhan, chengdu cities。


Full series of belt

No matter what belts you are looking for, Xinbex Beltech always satisfied with you。 Say anti-microbial food belt, high conductive, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt are available。

XINBEX Main products and On site Service

1 Energy saving Conveyor Belt

2 High - Speed Flat Transmission Belt

3 Modular Belt

4 Timing Belt

5 Special Processing

6 Splicing Machine and Processing Accessories

7 On Site Service


XINBEX Beltech provide belts for all of process in the industry production, the best solutions for each industry. Including:

Food:Flour-made Dishes, Candy, Meat, Seafood, Milk, Agriculture, Packing etc

Airport Logistics: Internal Logistics, Distribution Center, Baggage

Paper: Paper processing and letter sorting

Printing: Machine Belt, Folding and Pasting Machine Belt

Sport: Treadmill Belt, Skiing and Special Applications

Tobacco:  First and second processing for tobacco

Industry Production: Automobile, Tyre, Chemical, Metal, Machine, Energy

Raw Material: Artificial Board, Stone

Textile Industry: Spinning processing belt and printing blankets

The others....

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